Meet the team

Gaynor Crawford

GaynorGaynor Crawford has a sports background and her professional life in this field started with her sport’s science degree from Stirling Uni.

After working with Stirling Council/Active Stirling for over 8 years, as a sports coach, Gaynor moved to Dubai. It was there that she first started practicing Bikram Yoga, over 9 years ago.

In 2012, Gaynor moved home to Glasgow to begin her journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Gaynor brings a strong commanding yet compassionate presence to the room with a great knowledge and understanding of the practise of Bikram Yoga and the anatomy of the body. She is a vibrant and full of fun and also our expert on the pregnancy series.

“Strange that I went to the heat to find the heat, but after practising at a few studios with many talented and wonderful teachers I realised I was more invested in this yoga than just a hobby. In Spring 2013 I attended Teacher Training in LA for 9 weeks an I have been teaching full time ever since until I became pregnant 2015.

“Throughout my pregnancy I taught and practised regularly up until 8 days before I gave birth. I sincerely believe that Bikram massively contributed to my wonderful pregnancy but moreover my amazing birth. Since my baby girl was born, she has been so happy and content. From week 5 began sleeping through the night, 12/14hrs, and has never looked back. I have no doubt my commitment to my yoga has aided my entire venture into motherhood and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with everyone!”


Sherand Esser

sherandWith a professional background in marketing, Sherand Esser has been a Bikram Yoga teacher for 7 years. In this time she has taught all over the globe and learned from many of the rockstars of the Bikram yoga world (even teaching the real rockstar, Pink).

A former student of the current men’s world champion Zeb, Sherand was also mentored as a teacher by the repeat Australian men’s champ Darren Ma and has vast knowledge of the practice of Bikram Yoga. Sherand’s teaching style is fun but she WILL kick your asana. Her passion for the practice is inspiring and her energy is infectious.

“Within 9 months of my first class, I was at Teacher Training. I knew I wanted to share the gift of Bikram and help others heal their body and mind. I have travelled the world teaching Bikram Yoga: the
US, Ireland, Colombia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and now Scotland learning from everyone about different body types and cultural differences. I have been blessed to learn from so many skilled and knowledgeable teachers and studio owners to develop into the teacher and student I am today.

“We all come to this yoga with junk bodies and it takes time to undo the damage. Through regular practice, your body will change. You mind will change. Your life will change. Just be patient and never give up trying. If you can, you must. If you can’t, you must try.”



Sara Gordon

saraSara is a professional Dancer and Choreographer. She has performed and choreographed extensively with London based company ‘Avant Garde Dance’.

More recently she has been working commercially, assisting and choreographing music videos and adverts for H&M, House of Fraser, Laura Mvula, Jungle, and Rae Morris.

Coming from this background Sara brings a wealth of experience of working with the mind and body.

She has been practising yoga since 2003, with a focus on Bikram yoga, but including Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Kundalini.

Sara has been teaching Bikram Yoga in London consistently since 2011, working alongside, and mentored by many experienced and revered teachers.

In 2015 Sara became one of the founding teachers of ‘Fierce Grace Yoga’ a hot yoga system based on classic Hatha, Bikram and Ashtanga.

“My teaching style is something l see as constantly evolving, as l share with students and continue to study this vast subject. Three important qualities l always convey to a class are Sthira (steadiness and alertness), Sukha (comfort and lightness, and working with the Breath.

I’m delighted to be back in Glasgow, my birthplace, and can’t wait to meet you on the mat.”




Dr Avi Sharma

avi“I started Bikram Yoga in May 2014 to help rehabilitate a recurring ligament injury and torn meniscus to my right knee, from football. A combination of strength training and this yoga allowed me to cancel further keyhole surgery to the knee. Throughout my practise I have seen so many additional benefits from overall fitness, strength, mental focus and concentration.

As a family doctor, I feel a wide variety of patients could really benefit from regularly practising Bikram Yoga. Some of the anecdotal stories I have been fortunate to hear about are really quite extraordinary and inspirational.

I completed my Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in November 2016, Thailand. This was a truly unique experience and challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to both practise and teach at the Bikram Yoga Southside studio. Please feel free to come along and give my class a try! I promise to bring a mix of Scottish, Welsh and Indian energy!”

Sarah Runnstrom

Sarah RSarah moved to Glasgow from Sweden a few years ago to study at the University of Glasgow, where she recently graduated with an M.A in Philosophy and Film studies. Her main research concerned the philosophy of mind, and she wrote her thesis on the nature of consciousness.

Her interest in the essence of experience, introspection and the connection between mind and body attracted her both to the philosophy and practice of Yoga, and she jumped at the chance of becoming our new receptionist here at Bikram Yoga Southside.

Since Sarah has begun her own practice of Bikram Yoga and has felt warmly welcomed into our thriving and inspiring yoga community. She is excited to experience this transformative journey alongside her fellow students here at the studio!