How Yoga Changes Your Brain

Check out these dramatic images of how electrical activity in the brain changes after just ten mins of meditation. Imagine the effect of 90 minutes of yoga, which is a moving meditation. Then imagine the effect of regular yoga classes! Using MRI scans like these, studies have found more brain cells in certain brain areas

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Why “The Secret” Is A Lot Of Sh#@t And How The Law Of Attraction Really Works

“Its like having the universe as your catalogue. You flip through and say, “I’d like to have this experience and I’d like to have this product and I’d like to have a person like that.” It is you placing your order with the universe. Its’ really that easy.” Dr John Vitale “Why do you think

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10 things NOT to do in a Bikram Yoga class

With a stifling heat of around 42 degrees and a demanding series of 26 postures, entering our studio can be like stepping into a torture chamber.   While we all have our tough days, experienced yogis make Bikram Yoga look like a breeze.  So, what’s their secret?  There is none, but through time they have learned

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What is the relationship between mind and body?

For those of you who practice yoga and mindfulness, the chances are that you have been exposed to talk of “mind-body connection”. Rest assured this is not simply a concept reserved for the yogis, hippies and flower children of the world! It is today widely accepted that there is a profound interrelationship between our mind

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Confessions of an Ex-Gym Junkie: Sherand’s Journey to Bikram Yoga

  I was an avid runner, gym junkie and thought yoga was the biggest waste of time. I’d rather spend 2 hours a day, 5 days a week in the gym than spend 30 minutes ‘stretching’. I didn’t even like to stretch when I ran. So when my sister-in-law asked me to accompany her to

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Who do you think you are? A discussion of the ego.

When we hear the word ego, it conjures up an image of a “wideo” with a fast car and a swagger who really loves them-self. I don’t mean they love them-self in a positive, self-acceptance inner harmony kind of way. More like an arrogant Kanye West style, ‘if-I-was –chocolate-I-would-eat-my-self,’ scenario. Not very appealing! You are

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Lock the knee, lock the knee, LOCK THE KNEE

Is it safe to lock your knee? Anyone who has done other sports, has perhaps been warned of the dangers of locking the knee, and told that the knee should always remain soft.  Then when you come into Bikram Yoga and you are told to lock the knee all the time, it can be a

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Issues in your tissues

Ever felt like crying after camel pose? You’re not alone… It’s been known for a long time that emotional releases can be experienced during yoga, massage sessions and other physical activity. As awareness of the brain/ body connection grows, there is now growing research into how these experiences come about. We are all quite comfortable

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Open day team

Open days

At Bikram Yoga Southside, our open house weekends are legendary.   Unsure about that heat or think your not flexible enough? Now is your chance to give it a try. What do you have to lose? A unique, invigorating and energizing experience is guaranteed. Come along, have a laugh and feel that Bikram BUZZ! A great chance for those who are intrigued but unsure to

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Guest Blog- 6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

We have all been there where we have forgotten to eat something and half way through a intense exercise session feel like we may pass out. Or worse when you have eat way to much, get cramping in the stomach and feel about as energetic as a slug! I have done this so many times.

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