Hot Hot Hot

Not to overstate the obvious, but Bikram yoga is hot right now. For the uninitiated, Bikram yoga is a type of Hatha yoga created by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. However, Bikram yoga is distinguished from Hatha yoga by several features unique to Bikram – all classes last 90 minutes and feature the same 26 poses. But, the major difference between other yoga classes and Bikram yoga? The heat.

Bikram yoga is practiced in a room heated to 105°F with 40% humidity. The popularity of Bikram yoga has given rise to many similar classes—generically known as “hot” yoga —which are also practiced in a heated room, but do not use the same poses as Bikram. Now, as an Arizonan you may be thinking that this sounds a bit like practicing yoga in your garage during monsoon season, but practitioners of Bikram yoga swear that the heat provides additional benefits unmatched by traditional yoga classes.

The heat allows for a deeper stretch, removes toxins via sweat, increases flexibility, and improves blood flow, amongst other benefits. So it is no surprise that more and more professional coaches and trainers from varying disciplines are recommending Bikram yoga for their athletes