The Mind

The endorphin release experienced after a session has to be experienced to be understood.  Walk home feeling on top of the world.


• Bikram Yoga is a great stress buster! The series reduces stress by quieting the nervous system and balancing hormones which in turn helps to balance emotions.

• Practicing yoga makes you feel more positive and boosts energy levels.

mind• Improved concentration and mental clarity make you function more efficiently in all aspects of your life.

• The challenging environment provided in the hot room builds concentration and mental strength.

• There is growing interest in the field of “Contemplative Neuro -Science” on the psychological benefits of yoga and meditation.  Research from the Harvard Medical School demonstrates reductions in anxiety and depression levels resulting from the practice of yoga.

• Through practising Bikram Yoga, tennis player Andy Murray has managed to get his temper into control as well increasing his focus and self-belief.  The tennis player accredits his success his Bikram Practice. Read Full Article


“Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of self, first by creating a strong and powerful body and mind” – Bikram Chouwdhry