Do you want to lose weight and tone up?   Are you looking for a more efficient work out that’s powerful for relieving stress?  Do you have back problems, injuries or chronic health conditions?

Forget Cross-fit and sack the gym.  Body pump just won’t give you that buzz!  Time to get on your yoga-mat.  We teach the internationally renowned exercise systems; Bikram Yoga; Fierce Grace Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates series, providing the ultimate work–out for body and mind.  So much more powerful than just working out in the gym, each invigorating hot yoga and Pilates class is an experience.  Detoxify your entire system, improve strength stamina and flexibilty.  The endorfin rush will leave you feeling extraordinary. Are you ready to get in your best shape ever mentally as well as physically?

Our fully certified Bikram Yoga studio is just off Kilmarnock Road, next to the Shawlands Arcade.  We run hot yoga and Pilates classes 7 days a week.  Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, from complete beginners to experienced devotees.  Our clients say they’re the best yoga classes in Glasgow.  Are you ready to Join the Glasgow Fitness Revolution?

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